Team 10 not being in each others dreams doesn’t mean they’re not important to each other. I think that that should be a given fact already that even they’re not together in a dream, they still care for each other.

Wouldn’t it be redundant if each pannel showed the three of them doing the same thing (or the three of them altogether)? Instead Kishi showed us the other dreams that’s more personal for each one of them.

So if you thought that because Shikamaru, Ino and Chouji weren’t on the same dream means they don’t value each other, then probably you did just imagine the strong bond from team 10.

I agree that somehow Kishi is still trolling us with the Hokage candidate things.


So stop rolling your eyes when Temari threw Shika’s name to the getting long list of people who wants to be hokage.

Besides, out of all the Konoha 11 plus Sai and Sasuke, Shikamaru is the top candidate. He’s intelligent, levelheaded and the most important thing, he inherited (and understood deeply) the Will of Fire.

I just woke up and then the first thing I saw is a freaking troll on my otp tag. So this is a rant. excuse the rant but i just need to get this off.

Why do people insists that NejiHina can be canon but Nejiten can’t? Oh for fucks sake Neji and Tenten had been teammates therefore had been interacting so that means there’s still the possibility that they can develop! So yes they where rarely shown together but please, look at Asuma and Kurenai.

I’m not saying NejiTen is canon but I’m just getting tired of people saying they don’t have a chance. And I don’t know, I can’t really see NejiHina happening. I acknowledge the fact that Neji loved Hinata but I only see that as familial love. I think Kishi is sort of showing of what could’ve been between Hiashi and Hizashi. I see the turnabout of Neji’s hatred to being a loyal follower of Hinata as a sign of him accepting his duties wholeheartedly and probably the start of realizing that he finds it’s natural to care for his cousin like Hizashi to Hiashi.

When he died for Hinata, he finally understood his father and I think that’s one of the key points that’s been solved because from the start, he can’t understand why his father who had been angry with the main branch family decided to die for one of the main reason of why he’s on the other branch.

Okay, that has been a rant. I’m out.

milesabovepeter asked:

Did someone mention LeeKarin? Well consider this both Lee and Karin love someone who doesn't really take notice of their interests, thus giving them something in common. Lee would take notice of Karin at first because of the small similarities to Sakura, but evidently fall in love with her for who she is not who she reminds him off. Karin wouldn't really know how to work well with Lee being sweet and gentle with her, you know, treating her almost like royalty, so I imagine her to act tsun-like

I really need to read more about LeeKarin but you did point out some cute what ifs :) Lee is actually a lovable guy so that makes him very shippable (or am I the only one who’s thinking that???). Thank you so much for your input!

P.S. I saw your Lee Karin posts and one of them is a picture with kurosai/saikuro… I ship those two too!

Am I the only one who’s okay with Naruto’s reaction from seeing his dad? I don’t know but I feel like he somehow knew already that his dad was Edo tensei-d the same time Madara felt Hashi. Or he’s just really glad to see his old man coming to his rescue when it should’ve happened like years ago since he was a child.

Or there’s really more into it.